Sound and Lighting

We provide professional full service for sound and lighting events ( from a private to large music festivals). We have the latest in technology equipment with the most qualified staff in the sector.
PA systems, microphones (wired and wireless), mixers (analog and digital), audio distributors, equalizers, power amplifiers, processors, players, recorders, intercom, etc ...


Each project is carefully studied. We take into account all of the factors and event needs while adapting these to the type of space or theater productions that are in open spaces.

General lighting and electricity to meet the needs of the event. Any type of light bulbs and fixtures will be supplied. We will administer the installation of electrical panels. According to the type of outdoor event, we can advise and supply generators that will suit your needs.

Spectacular lighting for events with the latest developments. Our technical experts utilize the most advanced technologies that allows for the best and creative design for your event, tour or festival.


The lighting equipment enables the creation of truly stunning ambients and stages by adjusting the elements to the needs of the environment. We have adopted the LED technology. It is reliable, versatile, saves energy and it is safe.

Moving heads, color changers, effects, scanners, barrels and a wide variety of dimmers, DMX controllers and mixers.